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A Multi Chain Apes community project.
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Why we
love Dieter?

Created by members of MCA, and inspired by a single meaningless Elon Musk tweet, $DIETER utilizes the latest in memecoin technology to do one thing and one thing only: pamp.
Hereโ€™s tokenomics:

$DIETER is on the way to $1B Market Cap โ€“ Here is the plan

It is true that $DIETER was born out of a tweet by Elon. Yes, Elon's tweets are gold in the crypto world but we are not just a memecoin! We have a roadmap.

At this point the $DIETER community is focused on the key activities needed for foster exponential growth.

We are special

$DIETER as a DeFi token has fully based developers. Governed by the community and a defined vision for the future.
Growth Tokenomics
Marketing wallet, and auto liquidity to create value on every trade.
Liquidity Locked
100% for 1 year
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No oops
Based Community
Yes (everyone is awesome)
Ugh nop

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